SmartFrog 3.10.000

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Packages that use LogSF

Uses of LogSF in org.smartfrog

Methods in org.smartfrog that return LogSF
static LogSF SFSystem.sfLog()

Uses of LogSF in org.smartfrog.examples.counter

Fields in org.smartfrog.examples.counter declared as LogSF
protected  LogSF CounterImpl.logApp
protected  LogSF CounterImpl.logCore

Uses of LogSF in

Methods in that return LogSF
 LogSF ScriptExecutionImpl.sfLog()
          This method should be used to log Core messages

Uses of LogSF in org.smartfrog.sfcore.componentdescription

Methods in org.smartfrog.sfcore.componentdescription that return LogSF
 LogSF ComponentDescriptionImpl.sfLog()
          To log into sfCore logger.
 LogSF ComponentDescription.sfLog()
          To log into sfCore logger.

Methods in org.smartfrog.sfcore.componentdescription with parameters of type LogSF
static void ComponentDescriptionImpl.initLog(LogSF newlog)
          Special method to be used only by LogFactory to initialize log in ComponentDescription.

Uses of LogSF in org.smartfrog.sfcore.logging

Classes in org.smartfrog.sfcore.logging that implement LogSF
 class LogImpl
 class LogImplAsyncWrapper
          LogImplAsyncWrapper is a wrapper class for LogImpl that implements asynchronous logging.

Methods in org.smartfrog.sfcore.logging that return LogSF
static LogSF LogFactory.getLog(Prim prim)
          get a log for a component
static LogSF LogFactory.getLog(Prim prim, boolean registerWithCoreLog)
          Convenience method to derive a name from
static LogSF LogFactory.getLog(java.lang.String name)
          get a named log.
static LogSF LogFactory.getLog(java.lang.String name, boolean registerWithCoreLog)
          Construct (if necessary) and return a Log instance.
static LogSF LogFactory.sfGetProcessLog()
          To get the sfCore logger

Constructors in org.smartfrog.sfcore.logging with parameters of type LogSF
LogImplAsyncWrapper(LogSF logSF)

Uses of LogSF in org.smartfrog.sfcore.prim

Methods in org.smartfrog.sfcore.prim that return LogSF
 LogSF PrimImpl.sfGetApplicationLog()
          To get application logger using ROOT name.
 LogSF PrimImpl.sfGetCoreLog()
          To get the sfCore logger
 LogSF PrimImpl.sfGetLog(java.lang.String name)
          To get a logger with a particular name.
 LogSF PrimImpl.sfLog()
          To log into sfCore logger.
 LogSF PrimImpl.sfSetLog(LogSF newlog)
          Method to replace logger used by components.

Methods in org.smartfrog.sfcore.prim with parameters of type LogSF
 LogSF PrimImpl.sfSetLog(LogSF newlog)
          Method to replace logger used by components.

Uses of LogSF in org.smartfrog.sfcore.reference

Methods in org.smartfrog.sfcore.reference that return LogSF
 LogSF HereReferencePart.sfGetProcessLog()
          To get the sfCore logger

SmartFrog CORE 3.10.000

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