SmartFrog 3.10.000

Package org.smartfrog.sfcore.prim

Interface Summary
ChildMinder Defines the interface an object needs to implement if it wants to manager children.
Diagnostics Defines the basic diagnostics interface to which all deployed components respond.
Dump Interface for components to dump state to.
Liveness Defines the basic liveness interface to which all deployed components respond.
Prim Defines the basic interface for all deployed components.
PrimHook Provides the interface that a lifecycle action hook must implement.

Class Summary
LivenessSender Implements sending liveness messages to a liveness targets.
PrimDeployerImpl This class implements the deployment semantics for primitives.
PrimHookSet This class implements the collection of PrimHooks to be applied to each component in a process when a lifecycle method is invoked.
PrimImpl Defines the base class for all deployed components.
TerminationRecord Represents a termination status for components.

SmartFrog CORE 3.10.000

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