SmartFrog 3.10.000

Interface Function

All Known Implementing Classes:
And, Append, BaseBinaryOperator, BaseFunction, BaseOperator, BaseUnaryOperator, Concatenate, Date, Divide, EQ, Format, GE, GT, IfThenElse, LE, LT, Minus, NE, Next, Not, Or, Product, Random, Ref, Sum, UserInput, Vector

public interface Function

Interface for SF functions to implement

Method Summary
 java.lang.Object doit(Context c, Reference name)
          Evaluate the function

Method Detail


java.lang.Object doit(Context c,
                      Reference name)
                      throws SmartFrogException
Evaluate the function

c - A context that contains all the parameters
SmartFrogException - Failure to evaluate the function

SmartFrog CORE 3.10.000

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