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Classes in that implement SFSecurityEnvironment
 class SFSecurityEnvironmentImpl
          A security environment composed of SF private keys, certificates and trust assumptions in a way that JSSE can use them to configure a secure connection.

Constructors in with parameters of type SFSecurityEnvironment
SFClientSocketFactory(SFSecurityEnvironment secEnv)
          Class Constructor invoked in the client when not received from the server.
SFServerSocket(int port, SFSecurityEnvironment secEnv)
          Class Constructor.
SFServerSocketFactory(SFSecurityEnvironment secEnv)
          Constructs SFServerSocketFactory with security environment.
SFSocket(SFSecurityEnvironment secEnv, boolean useClientMode)
          Constructs SFSocket with security environment.Typically invoked by the server.
SFSocket(java.lang.String host, int port, SFSecurityEnvironment secEnv, boolean useClientMode)
          Constructs SFSocket with host, port and security environment.

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