SmartFrog 3.10.000


Interface Summary
SFSecurityEnvironment This interface encapsulates JSSE requirements for configuring a secure connection that can be used by RMI.

Class Summary
DummySecurityManager Creates a SecurityManager that does not enforce any checks, but could print some extra debuggingsecurity information.
SecureRemoteObject The SecureRemoteObject provides an export static method equivalent to the one in UnicastRemoteObject but, if SF security is active, it will automatically ensure that remote access to the object exported will use JSSE (i.e., SSL), and a system wide policy will be used for authentication and authorization.
SFClassLoader Provides static methods to obtain a class loader used to download SmartFrog components and their descriptions.
SFClientSocketFactory A client socket factory that adapts a SSL client socket factory so that it can be used to generate RMI client sockets.
SFCommunityPermission Permission obtained when the class/resource was obtained from a fully trusted origin inside the SF community.
SFDebug A debugging utility that turns on/off tracing messages from the security library in a consistent way.
SFInputStream We need to wrap the input stream returned by a socket so that we can later associate the thread that does the method invocation with the security session.
SFRMIClassLoaderSpi RMIClassLoaderSpi is the service provider interface for RMIClassLoader.
SFRMISocketFactory A class that wraps a client and server RMI socket factories.
SFSecurity Provides basic security functionality to SF, i.e., triggers the initialization of all the security mechanisms (this should be called right at the beginning of SF startup) or returns information about the security environment.
SFSecurityEnvironmentImpl A security environment composed of SF private keys, certificates and trust assumptions in a way that JSSE can use them to configure a secure connection.
SFSecurityProperties A class that describes all the SF specific security properties that we have introduced.
SFServerSocket Extends ServerSocket so that it contains the security context, and configures properly the socket returned in the accept(), getting hold of the session...
SFServerSocketFactory A server socket factory that adapts a SSL server socket factory so that it can be used to generate RMI server sockets.
SFSocket Extends a Socket so that it contains a reference to the SSL socket that is wrapping it, the security context used to create that socket, and whether it was created using client mode.

Exception Summary
SFGeneralSecurityException An exception thrown by the security mechanisms of SF when there is an unrecoverable problem due to, e.g., cannot open my KeyStore.

SmartFrog CORE 3.10.000

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