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Interface EventBus

All Known Implementing Classes:
Attribute, Container, Delay, Deployer, DoNothing, During, EventCompoundImpl, EventCounter, EventPrimImpl, EventQueue, EventSend, FileTesterImpl, FireBreak, GameArenaWrapper, OnEvent, Parallel, ProgressBarsImpl, RandomSequence, Repeat, Retract, Retry, Run, Sequence, Terminator, Timeout, Try

public interface EventBus

Part of the SmartFlow event infrastructure used to provide simple synchronization between components Defines the extension API for EventPrim and EventCompounds, providing the hooks for a component to send and receive events.

Method Summary
 void sendEvent(java.lang.Object event)
          method which forwards an event to all registered EventSinks.

Method Detail


void sendEvent(java.lang.Object event)
method which forwards an event to all registered EventSinks.

event - java.lang.Object
See Also:
EventRegistration, EventSink

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