SmartFrog Services

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These tasks make it easier to execute Java programs in separate processes. The Java component runs Java Programs. It is an extension of the runshell component, so all attributes associated with that are usable. the exception is the shellCmd attribute, which is rebound to the JVM Links to document : HTML , PDF , "CVS(Online)"

File System

The file components provide a cross platform way of representing files. Links to document : HTML , PDF , "CVS (Online)"


The assertion components in SmartFrog aim to provide a way of validating parts of the deployment descriptor. They also enable one to verify that methods invoked on referenced component instances return true or false, which can be used to incorporate more checks into the system's operation. Links to document : HTML , PDF , "CVS (Online)"

Declarative Page Loading

This document discusses better ways of packaging JAR files for classloading in SmartFrog Links to document : HTML


This document shows how the SmartFrog system can make this process easy through the use of the process management and shell scripting components provided as part of the core release. Links to document : HTML , PDF , "CVS (Online) "


The SmartFrog Web components provide a set of components for defining web applications (WAR applications), Enterprise (EAR) applications and Servlets for deployment onto a Java Application Server such as JBoss, WebLogic or Apache Geronmio, or a Java Web Server such as Jetty or Tomcat. It also includes a liveness page component, that can retrieve an HTTP page from a server as its liveness test, integrating web page visiblity with application liveness. Links to document : HTML , "CVS(Online)"