SmartFrog Quick Reference

Integer: 345

Long: 65325L or 65325l

Float: 34.76F or 34.76f or 34.76E-10F or 34.76e+10f or 34.76E10f

Double: 1534.45 or 1534.45D or 1534.45d or 1534.45E10 or 1534.45E-10D

String: "this is a string"

Binary data: #HEX#...#

Multi-line String: ## This is a string

Over many lines #

Boolean: true or false

SFNull: NULL // alternatively, leave the value empty

Operators: ! + - / == != >= <= < * ++ <> && ||

IF (val1 > val2) THEN (val1 – val2) ELSE (val2 – val1) FI;

Simple Vectors:

userList [| "fred", "harry" |];

empty [| |];

listOfLists [| [| 1,2,3 |], [| 4,5,6 |] |];

Full vectors can contain references:

v1 [1,2,3];

v2 [9,8,7];

v3 [v1, v2]; // same as [[1,2,3],[9,8,7]]


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Component::= extends [LAZY] Type Body

Type::= [ NULL | BaseReference ]

Body ::= ( ; | { AttributeList } )

/* example */

sfConfig extends Prim {

portNum 4047;

sfProcessHost "ahost.smartfrog.org";

administrators ["patrick",ATTRIB ROOT:sysadmin];


The sfConfig attribute identifies the component in a description to deploy.

Include files

Include files are resources on the classpath of the deploying JVM; they are expanded before deployment.

system extends {

#include "/absolute/path/foo.sf"

#codebase "file:///foo.jar" #include "/absolute/path/foo.sf"



Reference::= [LAZY] BaseReference

BaseReference::= ReferencePart ( : ReferencePart)*

ReferencePart::= ROOT// root of the descriptor '/'

| PARENT// parent '..'

| (ATTRIB WORD)//closet attribute 'WORD'

| (HERE WORD) //local attribute 'WORD' only

| THIS//local context '.'

| WORD//ATTRIB if first/only part, else HERE

| (PROPERTY WORD)//JVM string property (see LAZY)

| (IPROPERTY WORD)//JVM integer property (see LAZY)

| PROCESS //current process

| (HOST (WORD | STRING))//host by reference/address

As non-lazy attributes are evaluated at parse time, PROPERTY and PROCESS references will be evaluated in the JVM parsing the file, not the process hosting the components, unless LAZY is used to declare late binding of information.


#include "org/smartfrog/functions.sf";

myString extends formatString {

format "the meaning of $2 is $1";

s1 42;

s2 "life";


When a function is evaluated, its declaration is replaced by the result: myString becomes the string. LAZY references can not be used in functions.

Shell commands:

smartfrog -a SFACT -f SFREF -e -d -?

sfRun -a SFREF -e (= smartfrog -a :DEPLOY:SFREF::: -e)

sfStart hostname appname SFREF (= smartfrog -a appname:DEPLOY:SFREF::hostname: -e)

sfTerminate hostname appname (= smartfrog -a appname:TERMINATE:::hostname: -e)

sfStopDaemon hostname (= smartfrog -a rootProcess:TERMINATE:::hostname: -e)

sfDetachAndTerminate hostname appname (=smartfrog -a appname:DETaTERM:::hostname: -e)

sfParse [-v] [-q] [-r] [-R] {[-f] filename | SFREF}

SmartFrog Action Descriptor (SFACT): NAME : ACTION : SFREF : SUBREF : HOST : PROCESS

SmartFrog Resource Reference (SFREF): URL to the file; as a relative or absolute path name to a file; as a path to a resource in a jar file on the classpath or code base.

Well-Known Attributes

Deployment attributes:

sfConfig the root of a SmartFrog description

- Component:

sfClassclass that implements a componentString
sfCodeBaseJava codebase for a componentString
sfDeployerClassThe class name for deployerString
sfExportenable/disable remote method callsboolean
sfExportPortfixes the port used by the component Integer
sfSchemaDescriptionthe definition of a schemaCmpDs
sfSyncTerminateasynchronous or synchronous termination of compoundboolean

- Location:

sfProcessComponentNamename a component in root processString
sfProcessHosthost where to deploy componentString
sfProcessNamesubprocess where to deploy componentString

- Liveness:

sfLivenessDelayhow often to send liveness in seconds.Integer
sfLivenessFactorhow many multiples of the liveness delay to wait till a liveness failure of the parent is declaredInteger

- SubProcesses:

sfProcessAllowenable/disable subprocessesboolean
sfProcessTimeoutGarbage collection time out for subprocessesInteger
sfRootLocatorPortRegistry port used by the rootProcess daemon. Default: 3800Integer
sfSubprocessGCTimeoutgarbage collection time out for subprocessesInteger
sfProcessConfigto pass special attributes to next subProcess.CmpDs
sfProcessEnvVarsto pass as env. properties to next subProcess.CmpDs

Runtime attributes:

sfHostThe host address where a component runsInetAddress
sfProcessthe process/subprocess name where a component runs.String

Useful Components

PrimPrimitive Component
CompoundCompound component. Shared lifecycle
ExecuteProgram, RunShellScripts, Java, ScriptingRun external programs, scripts, Java applications.
DownloaderDownload a file from a URL
File, Mkdir, TextFile, TempFileFile manipulation components.
LivenessPageCheck that an HTTP URL is valid, as a liveness check.
AssertSimple assertions that are checked at deployment and during liveness.
sfPersistPersist a component to a description file
TraceTracing for life cycle hooks.org/smartfrog/services/trace/components.sf

Management Console

sfManagementConsole -h <HOSTNAME> -p <PORT_NUMBER > -r -?

Default configuration files for shell scripts

  1. Ini file: dist/bin/default.ini or redefined using SFDEFAULTINI

  1. Default deployment description: dist/bin/default.sf. Redefined using SFDEFAULTSF

  2. Environment variables used:

    1. Smartfrog distribution directory: SFHOME