Systems Research

The Systems Research Lab is developing radical new approaches to collect, process, store, and analyze data to create the next generation of large-scale, high-performance infrastructure to support the data-centric world. These new software-defined systems will fuse memory and storage, flatten complex data hierarchy, bring processing closer to the data, and enable security of systems at the point of attack. Our research in non-volatile memory lays the foundation for universal memory and energy-optimized systems-on-chips (SoCs); integrated photonics advances mean these systems will be able to communicate at the speeds that hyperscale computing will require; and highly scalable and reliable storage systems will allow for orders of magnitude improvements in capacity and speed at a fraction of the space, power and materials required today. Finally, we’re shaping the future of cognitive computing, making processing available on a massive scale, enabling personalized cognitive assistants to help improve human decision-making.