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A New Type of Balanced-Bridge Controlled Oscillator

Karlquist, Richard


Keyword(s): crystal; oscillator; bridge

Abstract: A novel bridge-stabilized crystal oscillator circuit having exceptional temperature stability is described. The contribution to the oscillator tempco from the circuit components (exclusive of the crystal) is reduced to about 10 (superscript) -11/degrees C, which is several orders of magnitude better than conventional oscillator circuits. This avoids a situation where the overall tempco is limited by circuit component drift rather than crystal stability, which can easily occur with conventional circuits when the crystal is ovenized at a turnover point. Although the bridge greatly reduces reactive frequency pulling, it does not directly address the additional issue of pulling due to variations in crystal drive current amplitude. However, it is an enabling technology for a novel ALC circuit with greatly improved stability. The new bridge controlled oscillator is also much less sensitive to other environmental effects such as humidity (2 X 10 (superscript -11), 5%/25% R.H. @ 70 degrees C), power supply voltage, load impedance, and stray capacitance.

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