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UBIWISE, A Ubiquitous Wireless Infrastructure Simulation Environment

Barton, John J.; Vijayaraghavan, Vikram


Keyword(s): ubiquitous; pervasive; nomadic; simulator; quake; Java

Abstract: We describe UbiWise, a simulator for ubiquitous computing. The simulator concentrates on computation and communications devices, either integrated with physical environments or carried by people. It maintains a three dimensional model of a physical environment viewed by users on a desktop computer through two windows. One window uses the Quake III Arena graphics engine to show a first-person view of the physical environment. The other window from a Java program shows a close-up view of devices a user may manipulate using the desktop keyboard and mouse in place of physical controls. These windows attach as clients to a server maintaining the model of the environment. Multiple user can attach to the same server to create interactive ubiquitous computing scenarios. We describe how UbiWise looks to users and how it can be used as a tool for ubiquitous computing. Notes:

11 Pages

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