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Algebra and Logic for Resource-based Systems Modelling

Collinson, Matthew; Pym, David
HP Laboratories


Keyword(s): process, resource, logic, algebra, system, modelling

Abstract: Mathematical modelling is one of the fundamental tools of science and engineering. Very often, models are required to be executable, as a simulation, on a computer. In this paper, we present some contributions to the process-theoretic and logical foundations of discreteevent modelling with resources and processes. We present a process calculus with an explicit representation of resources in which processes and resources co-evolve. The calculus is closely connected to a logic that may be used as a specification language for properties of models. The logic is strong enough to allow requirements that a system has certain structure; for example, that it is a parallel composite of subsystems. This work consolidates, extends, and improves upon aspects of earlier work of ours in this area. An extended example, consisting of a semantics for a simple parallel programming language, indicates a connection with separating logics for concurrency.

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External Posting Date: June 21, 2009 [Fulltext]. Approved for External Publication
Internal Posting Date: June 21, 2009 [Fulltext]

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