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MSnet: A Neural Network that Classifies Mass Spectra

Curry, Bo; Rumelhart, David E.



Abstract: Through the use of a graphical user interface, a database, higher level more abstracted commands, and the C programming language, an environment has been developed that simplifies the programming of a robot. Programs can be either beinterpreted for ease of use or compiled for run time efficiency. The graphical user interface is used to change the state of the system (to move manipulators, change speeds and accelerations etc.) and to store or retrieve data (locations, vision processes, etc.) to or from the database. The database is used to separate the data from the instructions in a program. It stores instantiations of data structures that are used by the higher level commands such as get and put. The higher level commands as well as the rest of the environment are written in C. By using the SMALL (Sawyer-motor Multi-robot Assembly workceLL) programming environment, more power and flexibility are provided and the effort required to program a robot for a given task is greatly reduced.

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