HP Labs Technical Reports

The Design Space of Interfaces

Frohlich, David



Abstract: A framework for describing the design space of human computer interfaces is presented which relates to interface models, channels, media and styles. Language and action modes are said to be supported through the use of audiovisual and haptic/kines- thetic channels. Interface media are derived from the combination of modality and channel, such that the use of these channels within the language mode gives rise to interaction within the speech, text and gesture media, while use of the same channels within the action mode gives rise to interaction within the sound, graphics and motion media. A range of basic interface styles are allocated to one or other of the two basic interface modes, and the possibility of implementing the same style in more than one medium is noted. Application of the framework is illustrated in relation to form filling and direct manipulation interfaces, and its potential for identifying past and future trends in interface design is discussed.

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