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Data and Knowledge Bases as Integral Parts of a Distributed Object Infrastructure

Pedersen, Claus; Annevelink, Jurgen; Barman, Harry; Derrett, Nigel; Seaborne, Andy; Syrett, Mark; Toft, Peter



Abstract: Atlas is a prototype of an object infrastructure. It is designed to support hundreds of millions of objects distributed in a heterogeneous wide area network of thousands or millions of computers. Atlas is implemented mainly as a vehicle for experimenting with distributed office and information systems. Atlas supports objects of much finer granularity than traditional client\server networking models. An Atlas application will typically be a collection of objects that use method invocation as their primary means of communication. Atlas provides location-transparent method invocation and dynamic creation deletion and migration of persistent and non-persistent objects. Iris is an object oriented data base management system, supporting OSQL as its main implementation language. KBMS1 is a knowledge base management system supporting kbProlog as its implementation language. Both these data-bases have been integrated with Atlas. The purpose of the integration is to demonstrate that object oriented technology is appropriate for integration of heterogeneous sources of information and information processing facilities.

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