HP Labs Technical Reports

Low Temperature Growth of GaAs and AIGaAs and AIGaAs by MBE and Effects of Post Growth Thermal Annealing

Miller, J. N.; Low, T.S.



Abstract: ROBOTWORLD TM, a multi-manipulator, Sawyer-motor based robotic workcell manufactured by Motoman, Inc. (originally Automatix) was purchased and evaluated as part of the Advanced Robotics Technology Project to determine the inherent capabilities and limitations of the technology for performing high-precision and small parts assembly. This report summarizes the static and dynamic measurements made on the workcell, including: translational accuracy and repeatability, resolution, pitch, yaw, straightness, squareness, cyclic errors, rotational accuracy, resolution and repeatability, translational and rotational settling time, lateral stiffness, breakaway force, puck-to-puck disturbance, effects of cable drag, and tremor. Areas are identified where the workcell's performance could be enhanced to improve overall assembly accuracy. The workcell essentially met all of the vendor's stated specifications.

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