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Case Study of Object-Oriented Software Development

de Champeaux, Dennis; Anderson, Al; Gasperina, Marco Dalla; Feldhousen, Ed; Fulton, Floyd; Glei, Matt; Groh, Colleen; Houston, David; Lerman, Dave; Monroe, Charlie; Raj, Rommel; Shultheis, Dave



Abstract: These are the highlights of a successfully completed application of object-oriented software development for a new product. The project was of medium size, the duration was less than 24 months (from the end of the requirements specification to product shipment), and the average team size was 8-10 software engineers. We discuss how the team dealt with major new aspects: a different paradigm, a different programming language, a different user interface environment, and a different development environment. In spite of all these novelties and in spite of the fact that the code size had been underestimated by about 75 percent, the project schedule slipped only by 20 percent. We touch upon all phases of the development life cycle: requirement capture, OO analysis, OO design, OO implementation and the verification phase. Some management perspectives are addressed as well.

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