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An Evaluation of Five Object-Oriented Methods

Arnold, Patrick; Bodoff, Stephanie; Coleman, Derek; Gilchrist, Helena; Hayes, Fiona



Abstract: Recently there has been a profusion of object-oriented analysis and design methods coming from a variety of backgrounds. This paper proposes a set of evaluation criteria and measures a number of methods against the criteria. The document considers four main categories of criteria: Concepts, Models, Process and Pragmatics. The criteria are presented as a set of questions together with some preceding commentary . The methods are then evaluated against each of the criteria and the results are summarised in tabular form. A brief explanation of the reasoning behind the most interesting points of comparison accompanies each table. The evaluation highlights differences and similarities between methods. This should assist the practitioner in deciding which is appropriate for the type of development they are engaged in. This paper should also be of interest to the developers and advocates of these methods.

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