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Single Source Metalorganic Chemical Vapor Deposition of Low Microwave Surface Resistance YBa(sub2)Cu(sub3)O(sub7)

Hiskes, R.; Dicarolis, S.A.; Young, J.L.; Laderman, S.S.; Jacowitz, R.D.; Taber, R.C.



Abstract: YBa(sub2)Cu(sub3)O(sub7) films 2000 to 7500 angstroms thick were deposited onto [100] LaAlO sub3 substrates using a novel single source metalorganic chemical vapor deposition technique. We have so far observed critical currents as high as 4 x 10 (super6) A/cm (super2) at 77K, transition temperatures (T subc at R=O) as high as 91K, and the 10 GHz microwave surface resistance, R sub s, as low as 40 mu ohms at 4.2 K and 400 mu ohms at 77K.

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