HP Labs Technical Reports

Matisse: A Knowledge-Based Team Programming Environment

Garg, Pankaj K.; Pham, Thuan Q.; Beach, Brian W.; Deshpande, Anand; Ishizaki, Audrey K.; Wentzel, Kevin D.; Fong, Wendy



Abstract: The life-cycle of large scale software systems requires the cooperative effort of several people over extended time periods. Current programming environments provide limited support for such cooperative activities. We have prototyped a knowledge-based team programming environment, Matisse, to address this issue. Matisse models source code, associated documents, people, and tasks, as objects in the system. Relationships between these objects provide for associative information retrieval; and rules defined on object attributes facilitate project coordination, configuration management, and navigation support. We describe the design and implementation of Matisse, some of its experimental use, and present a novel information management architecture. Using a rule base within Matisse, we demonstrate how one can provide automated support for team programming. Three hard scenarios: semi-automatic design history maintenance, dynamic object composition, and adaptive use of existing software illustrate the power of Matisse over traditional programming environments.

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