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Some Equivalence Results for Non-Monotonic Fault Diagnosis

Bertolino, Bruno; Menchini, M.C.



Abstract: Recently two different characterizations of fault diagnosis which are able to deal with non-monotonic theories, have been provided. The first exploits the concept of coherent assumption sets [Dressler 90b], while the second characterizes diagnoses in terms of Generalized Stable Models [Preist et al.91.]. In this paper it is shown that the two approaches are equivalent, thus allowing one to merge their different contributions to fault diagnosis theory into a combined framework. A theorem in [Dressler 90b] states that the diagnoses as coherent assumption sets correspond to the diagnoses as defined by Reiter. We show that this theorem is not correct in general and provide some restrictive hypotheses under which it holds. Since diagnoses as coherent sets can be computed by a non-monotonic TMS, this paper also proposes NM-ATMSs as an algorithm to compute Generalized Stable Models.

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