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Turning Away from Talking Heads: The Use of Video-as-Data in Neurosurgery

Nardi, Bonnie A.; Schwarz, Heinrich; Kuchinsky, Allan; Leichner, Robert; Whittaker, Steve



Abstract: Studies of video as a support for collaborative work have provided little hard evidence of its utility for either task performance or fostering telepresence, i.e., the conveyance of a face-to-face like social presence for remotely located participants. To date, most research on the value of video has concentrated on "talking heads" video in which the video images are of remote participants conferring or performing some task together. In contrast to talking heads video, we studied video-as-data in which video images of the workspace and work objects are the focus of interest, and convey critical information about the work. The use of video-as data is intended to enhance task performance, rather than to provide telepresence. We studied the use of video during neurosurgery within the operating room and at remote locations away from the operating room. The workspace shown in the video, is the surgical field (brain or spine) that the surgeon is operating on. We discuss our findings on the use of live and recorded video, and suggest extensions to video-as-data including its integration with computerized time-based information sources to educate and coordinate complex actions among distributed workgroups.

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