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On Net Modeling of Industrial Size Concurrent Systems

Cherkasova, Ludmila; Kotov, Vadim; Rokicki, Tomas



Abstract: The paper presents our experiences in modeling an on-line transaction processing system using colored Petri nets and the Design/CPN tool. We have performed industrial-sized simulations of tens of thousands of transactions running on databases with millions of records. OLTP (On-Line Transaction Processing) applications were chosen because the OLTP workloads emphasize update-intensive database services with up to thousands of (concurrent) transactions per second. The goal of the experiment was to develop a methodology for the net modeling of OLTP-like applications with respect to the ability of different computer systems to meet the OLTP benchmarks requirements. Modeling tools and environments based on the net theory may prove to be especially useful at the initial stages of a design process when the most important key hypotheses and decisions about system structure and functioning should be made and checked by rapid prototyping. Net models provide both graphical and mathematical views of system models. The effort spent on the (successful) modeling of such large systems resulted in some methodological conclusions which required us to avoid straightforward approaches to the net modeling and to develop a combined technique of using nets together with embedded programming for simulation and analytical modeling.

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