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Mime: A High Performance Storage Device With Strong Recovery Guarantees

Chao, Chia; English, Robert M.; Jacobson, David; Stepanov, Alexander A.; Wilkes, John



Abstract: "You must love Mime..." - Richard Wagner, Siegfried, Scene 1 Mime is a shadow-writing storage device that uses late binding of data locations to improve performance. This results in a simple design with stronger atomicity properties than a typical disk system, as well as a rollback write facility that provides transaction-like semantics. After a discussion of the functionality and architecture we give a description of our two stage recovery procedure. The first stage is a general algorithm which uses incremental checkpoints and redo logs to restore main memory data structures. The second stage uses the information in the shadow blocks themselves to recover the system to a consistent state, in a way that does not require synchronous updates of metadata during the normal operation. The overall outcome of this work is a storage system design that provide high performance in normal operation, and also offers very strong recovery quarantees as well as atomic update and undo capabilities.

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