HP Labs Technical Reports

Bus-Based Kits for Reusable Software

Beach, Brian W.; Griss, Martin L.; Wentzel, Kevin D.



Abstract: The kinds of distributed, information-rich, collaborative environments being used in the '90s are increasing the complexity and difficulty of software application development. This situation has lead to a recognition that it is critical for Hewlett-Packard to improve its software development technology and process. Hewlett-Packard's interest in a reuse-based software construction process involves both a corporate reuse program and research into methods and technology at Hewlett-Packard Laboratories. We describe research in domain-specific, architecture-driven, reuse-based software construction technology, specifically the notion of domain-specific kits where kits include frameworks, builders, designs, tests, documentation, etc., as well as software components. Families of related kits can be built using the same frameworks and architectures. This work is explored in the context of distributed information management environments.

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