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Cost++ A Hypertext Generation Tool

Creech, Michael L.



Abstract: There is a strong need for hypertext tools that aid in the authoring of useful hypertexts of information. As the use of hypermedia continues to grow, more of a burden will be placed on these tools for building hypertexts from the vast information sources available. This report examines Cost++, a semi-automated tool for generating hypertext structures for the Kiosk hypertext system. Cost++ uses a declarative language to specify how to build these structures. This language includes the ability to create structuring nodes that help classify, cluster, and catalog information, as well as feature extraction-- the ability to find and link interesting informational features. The main focus of this report is on describing this language and clarifying how Cost++ can be used to generate hypertexts for different applications using Kiosk. How to use Cost++, as well as limitations and possibilities for future work, are also examined.

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