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DS Spread Spectrum Link Based on 63 Tap Matched Filter

De Ferrari, Fabio; Allpress, Steve



Abstract: In this paper we present a simple simulation of a Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum link. The simulation was carried out using SPW and FDS Comdisco software. A model of a simple spread spectrum link based on a 63 tap (PN sequence) matched filter receiver has been developed and used to optimize the link's channel filtering and receiver synchronization. Signal analysis of waveforms at various points in the receiver has been used to verify the SNR improvement due to processing gain. Using FDS, the effect of filter bandwidths and group delay characteristics on the BER performance has been assessed and a suitable choice of filtering determined. The time domain output of the receivers matched filter has been investigated and methods of syn- chronization the sampling of the demodulator input (based on a detect pulse generated by the matched filter itself) have been evaluated.

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