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The Potential of Knowledge Based Systems in the Mineral Industry.

Romans, Brenda



Abstract: The practical uptake of KBS (knowledge-based systems) research by industry has been slow but it is beginning to increase as KBS techniques and technology become understood and accepted. KBS can improve the profitability of a company, but in order to do this the right technology has to be implemented in the right way for the organization concerned. This paper does not attempt to define a formula for the foolproof adoption of particular KBS technologies by the mineral industry. It introduces KBS and describes the problems that can be addressed by them, and the problems that should be considered during their development. It draws attention to the importance of expert knowledge in an organization and how that knowledge may be distributed across functional boundaries. The key to the profitable assimilation of KBS in an organization is to focus on acquiring knowledge and storing it in a manner that will facilitate its use by any section of that organization.

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