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The IrDA Platform

Williams, Stuart K.; Millar, Iain



Abstract: For almost the past two years the Infrared Data Association has been working to establish an open standard for short range directed Infrared data communications. We are now at a time where the technologies developed within this forum are finding their way into the marketplace. Whilst there has been a high level of multivendor participation and collaboration in the establishing the base level IrDA standards to date very little overview material has been published. This paper provides an introduction to the IrDA's mission and to the technologies that its members have developed. What the IrDA has specified to date is very much a platform. As a platform it meets the key goals of low-cost and multivendor interoperability. It also provides a rich set of ease of use features that will enable multiple applications to concurrently share access to an infrared connection between a pair of devices.

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