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Influence of Optical Source Characteristics Upon Measurement of Polarization-Mode Dispersion of Highly Mode-Coupled Fibers

Heffner, Brian L.



Abstract: A new theoretical analysis of the interferometric polarization-mode dispersion (PMD) measurement predicts, in the limit of large PMD, a relationship to the highly mode-coupled principal states model which is different from the previously published relation [4]. Computer simulation confirms this prediction, and shows the ratio of the mean differential group delay (DGD) to the interferometric PMD to be a function of the bandwidth and spectral shape of the source used for interferometry. Jones matrix eigenanalysis and wavelength scanning with extrema counting are shown to measure the mean DGD independently of the optical source spectrum, while interferometrically measured PMD is shown to be influenced by optical source characteristics as well as by characteristics of the fiber to be measured.

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