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A Demountable Interconnect System for a 50 x 50 Ultrasonic Imaging Transducer Array

Greenstein, Michael; Daane, Larry


Keyword(s): ultrasonic, array, interconnect

Abstract: A novel Pad Grid Array (PGA) system allows microminiature coaxial conductors to be electrically connected to a one-half wavelength, 50 x 50 element transducer array suitable for diagnostic ultrasound at 2.5 MHz. In order to achieve the desired one-half wavelength interconnection spacing present at the backing of the transducer module, an intermediary flexible printed circuit and other custom structures provide a transitional architecture between 42 AWG coax and in line interconnect pads at a 300 micron spacing. Due to critical alignment requirements, special processes are needed for fabrication and the successful connection of the fine-pitch circuit elements. A conductive anisotropic elastomeric material acts as the medium to effect the final interconnet between the PGA and transducer module. Because the anisotropic medium provides a separable interface, the interconnect system allows repeated connection. Acoustic performance indicates suitability for diagnostic imaging.

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