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An Asynchronous Time Division Multiplexing-Multiple Access Protocol for Indoor Wireless Multi-Service Networks

Farnham, Tim


Keyword(s):broadband; wireless; multi-service; medium access control

Abstract: This paper describes an Asynchronous Time Division Multiplexing-Multiple Access (ATDM-MA) protocol which is designed to support different types of service on future wireless indoor local area networks. The architecture proposed for future indoor wireless networks does not follow the conventional cellular or ad-hoc approaches, and supports both peer-to-peer communication and infrastructure access. It is assumed that a high bit rate (20Mbits/s) radio solution is used to provide the physical connectivity with omni-directional antennae. The goal of the ATDM-MA protocol is to provide efficient channel utilisation and re-use and operates in conjunction with different Medium Access Control (MAC) protocols for different traffic types (i.e. polling and random access). The throughput and delay of the proposed scheme obtained from computer simulation shows that good performance can be achieved with modest complexity.

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