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Dynamic Connection of Wearable Computers to Companion Devices Using Near-Field Radio

Neaves, Philip; Bedford-Roberts, James


Keyword(s): near-field radio; dynamic connectivity

Abstract: Hewlett-Packard Laboratories, Bristol and the University of Bristol Department of Computer Science are engaged in an initiative to explore the design, technology and use of wearable computers. In particular, we are interested in the technologies (both hardware and software) required to support wireless seamless plug-and-play of distributed peripherals and companion devices. We describe a way of connecting a wearable computer to companion devices such as displays or cameras using near-field radio technology. Our objective is not just to remove wiring from the wearable, but to have the wearable manage configuration issues without the need for conscious intervention from the user. The short-range nature of near-field radio allows relatively high data rates (300 kbps - 1Mbit), low power consumption and the interpretation of gestures as configuration requests.

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