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Radial and Pruned Tetrahedral Interpolation Techniques

Vondran, Gary L.


Keyword(s): radial, tetrahedral, pruned tetrahedral, interpolation, color mapping, color space conversion, cube subdivision, image processing, color processing

Abstract: Presented are two new interpolation approaches based on Cube Subdivsion. The first, Radial Interpolation, exploits the observation that the subcube in each iteration can be generated by averaging the vertex of the cube indexed by the slice across the input values with all other vertices of the cube. This leads to further optimizations, resulting in Radial Interpolation requiring only n+l table accesses and n+l additions to generate each pixel output component, when interpolating using n bits. The second, Pruned Tetrahedral interpolation, takes advantage of pruning techniques to implement a tetrahedral interpolation in 2n) additions for each pixel output component. Also presented is an implementation that can perform both Radical and Pruned Tetrahedral Interpolations. Finally, Non-Symmetric Radial and Pruned Tetrahedral Interpolation approaches are presented that allow for interpolation with a non-symmetric color table.

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