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The Machine: A new kind of computer

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The Machine: A new kind of computer

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The world is facing a data explosion. Soon, we’re going to hit a technology inflection point where we can’t effectively store, process, and secure all the information coming at us. The Machine is HP’s solution to this problem. The Machine is an ambitious research project that reinvents the fundamental architecture of computers to enable a quantum leap in performance, power-efficiency and security.

HP Labs is leading the way again, building a new way to compute from the ground up. This changes everything.

Martin Fink, EVP and HP CTO

This is where it’s all happening – in the heart of Silicon Valley, where the Digital Age was born. It's where the future is taking shape. Where the sharpest minds build a better tomorrow with innovative technology. This is where vision, passion, and ambition become life-changing reality.

Systems research

Systems Research

Creating a new infrastructure for the data-centric world.

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Scientist writing equation


Driving real-time value from exabyte-scale, distributed, heterogeneous data.

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Printing and content

Printing & Content

Enabling seamless access to digital and physical information.

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Technician with laptop inspecting a server

Security & Cloud

Providing insight and control to protect against complex threats.

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Networking and Mobility

Networking & Mobility

Delivering next-generation cloud and mobile network technologies and applications.

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