HP Labs Celebrates 50 Years of Innovation

Shane Wall

March 3, 2016 marks a very special day in our company’s history — the official birth of HP Labs and 50 Years of Innovation. Click here to see our first official announcement.

Our founders set out to change the world by developing technology that would improve the lives of people everywhere and became respected not only for the work that was being done in HP Labs, but also for sharing it with the larger scientific community. HP’s contributions to the advancements of technology has taken the company to where it is today and will continue to propel HP’s growth, innovation and reputation far into the future.

To celebrate our 50th year, we are bringing a renewed openness to HP Labs. As part of Keep Reinventing, we are looking at new ways to share the mind-bending technology we are creating in HP Labs that will transform businesses and lives - technologies such as 3D printing, immersive computing, hyper mobility, Internet of Things, smart machines and more.

We want to talk about future technologies but we also plan to show how we bring them to life by offering lighthouse moments along the way. One example is the next industrial revolution through 3D transformation. Although this is a multi-year vision, we’re already delivering on the foundation – Sprout and Sprout Pro, in market today and powerful, commercial-scale 3D printing on its way shortly. These are the kinds of proof points that underscore our innovation and ability to disrupt markets.

The first 50 years of HP Labs were incredible. As we honor the visionaries who made those first footprints, let’s honor our heritage by celebrating a future that we build together. We can’t wait to see what the next 50 will bring. Keep Reinventing!

​Shane Wall

HP CTO and Global Head of HP Labs

HP Labs: 50 years of innovation

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HP Labs: 50 years of innovation