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EnCoRe – Ensuring Consent and Revocation –  is a research project, being undertaken by UK industry and academia, to give individuals more control over their personal information.

Why improvements in informational privacy are needed
Watch our short videos here and here to find out why, and pass the links on to others! 

What we are doing
Our work aims to make an individual’s consent a more powerful means for allowing them to control what happens to the personal information they disclose to organisations. We think that this control should be capable of shaping the purposes this information is used for, with which other organisations it is shared, and for how long and where it is stored. Today, the consent required of individuals for the use, sharing and storage of personal information by others will often be a one-off choice, described in vague terms or given implicitly. This type of consent gives individuals no real control over personal information, nor the ability to revoke their consent and be sure that their wishes are respected. Our work will improve the ease, reliability and rigour with which individuals can grant and, more importantly, revoke their consent to the use, storage and sharing of their personal information by others.

Today's reality around giving and revoking consent
Currently, the law does not require that consent must always have been given before an organisation can use personal information about individuals. In fact, organisations will often avoid relying on consent from individuals to legitimise such use, on the basis that it can be difficult to prove that adequate consent was obtained. It is possible, and more common, for organisations to use personal information on the grounds that they are doing so fairly, legitimately and in a way that would not cause any harm.

Our vision
The overall vision of this project is to make giving consent as reliable and easy as turning on a tap, and revoking that consent as reliable and easy as turning it off again. Turning this into reality, for both the individual and the organisation, requires
    â—? consent management technologies to be developed,
    â—? IT systems architectures that include these to be developed,
    â—? organisations' operational processes and systems to be designed or
       enhanced to use them,
    â—? easy-to-use interfaces to be developed and implemented, and
    â—? the regulatory regime that underpins all of this to be enhanced and

EnCoRe is working on all of these areas. 

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This EnCoRe project website is a key part of the project's strategy for disseminating its results, plans, news and other information. To request more information, or if you would like to take part in our external activities, please let us know via the Contact page.

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