HP Labs research at HP Discover 2012


HP Labs research at HP Discover 2012

HP Labs was a major presence at HP’s Discover conference. The 2012 event featured a 4,000 ft2 HP Labs Pavilion and a CIO Summit keynote address from interim Labs director and HP Senior Fellow Chandrakant Patel.

» Converged Cloud

We’re creating the foundational technologies to expand the use and relevance of cloud computing in the enterprise. We’re working on an enterprise cloud platform, from computing resources to human skills.

» Information Optimization

We’re working to redefine the twin tasks of taming and exploiting the vast and growing universe of enterprise information to revolutionize enterprise decision making. We’re applying mathematic and scientific methodologies and developing the models, tools, and algorithms that drive informed, highly effective, repeatable, and consistent decision making---to ultimately create better-run businesses.

» Security and Risk

We’re working on the security analytics that will automate enterprise-grade security and address one of the biggest obstacles in the broad adoption of the cloud in the enterprise.

» Create, Consume, Share

More and more people are interacting with technology at work, at home, or when mobile. At HP Labs, we see a future in which human interaction through and with technology becomes completely intuitive, wherever you are. To get there, we’re radically simplifying the user experience by focusing on seamless collaboration, across devices.

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