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Java Programming Toolkit Source Release


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Java Programming Toolkit Source Release


The HP Java Programming Toolkit Source Release contains the source code for several Java analysis tools.  For additional information concerning the Java Programming Toolkit please read the README File:


 This is the Java front end that ESC/Java and Rcc use.  In addition to parsing and type checking Java, it allows subclasses to extend Java with annotations, like those in ESC/Java.

Download Javafe here:


 The HP Extended Static Checker for Java (ESC/Java) is a tool that attempts to find common run-time errors in Java programs by static analysis of the program text.

Download Escjava here:


 Houdini is a tool that infers the program annotations used by ESC/Java. Building it requires the Javafe (see above), Escjava (see above), and Simplify (see below) envelopes. 

Download Houdini here:


 This envelope contains the Race Condition Checker for Java which helps identifies potential race conditions in multithreaded Java code statically. Building it requires the Javafe envelope (see above). 

Download RCC here:


 The HP Research ESC/Java Synchronization Checker (Calvin) is a static checker for multithreaded Java programs that can check invariants as well as identify potential race conditions. 

Download Calvin here:


 This envelope contains the sources for the theorem prover Simplify, which is used by the ESC/Java and Houdini tools.  Simplify is written in Modula-3, so you need a Modula-3 building environment, which you can download from the net. The Simplify envelope contains 4 packages (1 or 2 of which may possibly be part of your Modula-3 installation already).  Simplify add these 4 packages to your Modula-3 environment and build them (using "m3build", if you use SRC Modula-3). 

Download Simplify here:

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