[Gc] Win32 infinite loop

Julian Hall jules@acris.co.uk
Fri, 15 Aug 2003 13:30:21 +0100

I'm using GC 6.1 under Win32, built as a static library rather than a DLL.

I have arranged for my programs to call threadAttach() and 
threadDetach() whenever threads are started / stopped.

I have used this arrangement in a large number of programs, and it has 
been working quite well for me until now.

My problem is that in one of my programs the collector gets stuck 
(apparently) inside GC_stopped_mark().  A typical stack trace if I break 
into the program when it freezes looks like this:

GC_stopped_mark + 174 bytes
GC_try_to_collect_inner + 231 bytes
GC_try_to_collect + 76 bytes
GC_gcollect + 15 bytes

(there may be other functions above this in the list, but 
GC_stopped_mark is always there).

I'm not certain as to what aspect of the program that causes the failure 
is the important one.  The failure happens repeatably, early during the 
execution.  The call to the garbage collector is a direct collection 
because just beforehand a large object has been allocated which is 
finished with at that point (a copy of an image file kept in memory for 

Any idea what might be going on?