[Gc] gc6.3alpha3

Hans Boehm Hans.Boehm at hp.com
Fri Dec 19 22:05:42 PST 2003

I made gc6.3alpha3 available in the usual place:


I decided to make this available now, since a reasonable number of patches
have accumulated.  I'm also concerned that due to some email problems
in October I may have missed patches that should have been incorporated.

It includes an approximation to Andrew Begel's most recent Darwin patch.
(I tried to use Fergus' suggestions, and I had some problems applying
the patch mechanically.  My patch didn't like his diff or mailer. I
didn't track it down in detail.)  Precisely this version has not been
tested on Darwin.

There is still not a good solution to the win32 frame buffer issue.  (For
some graphics apps, the collector ends up scanning the frame buffer
as part of the root set.  The trick is to identifier the frame buffer
mapping.  As it stands there can be a significant performance problem.)

This has been tested on a few platforms, but probably not with
sufficiently many different build options.


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