[Gc] porting Hans Boehm GC to MacOSX

Renaud Blanch renaud.blanch@laposte.net
Sun, 9 Feb 2003 18:23:33 +0100

I'm porting a c++ library using gc to Jaguar.
I use fink's port of the lib (gc-6.1-3 avaible in the unstable branch) 
and it works great except for one thing :
The lib is not compiled with pthread support, which I need.

The trouble is that gc relies on pthread's implementation specificic 
Since Darwin is based on FreeBSD sources I tried to use 
-DGC_FREEBSD_THREADS but SIGRTMIN is then undefined and there's issues 
with DATASTART and DATAEND definitions (conflicts between MACOSX and 
FREEBSD definitions ?).

So my question is :
Has someone already done that work ?
If not, I'm interessed in doing it but I'm not familar with Darwin 
pthread internals so ... can someone interessed help me to contribute a 
patch to gc ?
I need advice on
- starting from FreeBSD code a good option ?
- what is SIGRTMIN ?
- ...