[Gc] porting Hans Boehm GC to MacOSX

Renaud Blanch renaud.blanch@lri.fr
Fri, 14 Feb 2003 16:00:48 +0100

Le jeudi, 13 fév 2003, à 19:34 Europe/Paris, Jesse Rosenstock a écrit :

> Here's a new version of the patch.  I've introduced a USE_PPC_PREFETCH
> #define to guard the prefetch stuff instead of doing it 
> unconditionally,
> and switched MACOSX to USE_MMAP, but with USE_MMAP_ANON which I also
> added because mapping /dev/zero doesn't seem to work.  Everything else
> should be the same as before.

The patch works great for me.
I have'nt tested it extensively but my multithreaded application works 
Thank you very much !

Can I (or you) post your patch to the maintainer of gc fink's package  ?
Or is it better to wait for it's inclusion into GC source ?

thanks again


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