[Gc] noob question

Michael Labhard ince@pacifier.com
Wed, 19 Feb 2003 21:08:53 -0800

I have a C++ project that was working correctly using reference counting.  I 
converted it to us Boehm GC instead and am now having difficulty with 
disappearing references.

I'm working on Gentoo Linux with GNU tools and gcc compiler.  The application 
is multithreaded.

A set of A objects is created and the pointers are stored in an STL set 
container.  A second set of B objects is created and some pointer from the A 
set is assigned to a property of each B object.  It is confirmed that no B 
object's constructor completes without a valid (non-null) A object pointer.  
These are also stored in an STL set container.  Some time later, while 
working with the B objects, an A object property turns up NULL.  It is only 
one of many at a seemingly arbitrary choice.  None of either set has been 
actively deleted at this point.

I am at a loss as to how to sort this out and any advise would be greatly 
appreciated.  Thanks.

-- Michael