[Gc] Garbage collector bug

Nadel, Alexander ANadel@ndsisrael.com
Wed, 8 Jan 2003 19:23:32 +0200

I have written a program in ANSI C that is supposed to work under any
platform and for any C compiler. After checking that it does work under
Windows and various UNIX system, I released it. Than I got a report that it
doesn't work properly when compiled using gcc, which uses built-in garbage

After some investigation, I understood that there happened the following
problem :

At some stage of program's running there where 2 memory blocks A and B, A
holding pointers to B.

Than A was reallocated : A = realloc(A,...). 
A was copied to another location holding the same data and the same pointers
to B.
But, the data in B have changed! It shouldn't have happened and it doesn't
happen with other compilers.  
I suspect, that the garbage collector thinks that nobody points to B while A
is being reallocated and frees B. 

Nadel Alexander
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