[Gc] Re: GC darwin patch

Hans Boehm Hans.Boehm@hp.com
Fri, 13 Jun 2003 12:18:07 -0700 (PDT)

Thanks.  I included your patch.

The problem with README.darwin was that we had forgotten to update both
doc/Makefile.am and the gc.tar target in Makefile.direct.  It was in my tree,
but there was no way for it to get into the distribution tar-ball.  That
should now be fixed, too.


On Fri, 13 Jun 2003, Brian Alliet wrote:

> On Friday, June 6, 2003, at 12:55  AM, Hans Boehm wrote:
> > I tested on a few platforms, but not on either Darwin or AIX.  I would
> > like to call this 6.2 once I get confirmation that this works on those
> > platforms
> Looks good on darwin. Here is one last patch. I tracked down the bug 
> that was causing all the problems in the mprotect code. Turns out it 
> was a bug in my code after all, it just was manifesting itself in all 
> sorts of weird ways. This patch also adds back in README.darwin which 
> you must have missed from my last patch.
> https://www.brianweb.net/misc/gc6.2alpha6-darwin.patch
> -Brian

Hans Boehm