[Gc] build problem on MacOS 10.2.4

Trevor Jim trevor@research.att.com
Mon, 10 Mar 2003 14:49:52 -0500

In all versions of 6.2 I get a build error in MacOS 10.2.4 in the
file os_dep.c.  For 6.2.alpha3 the error message is

os_dep.c: In function `GC_register_data_segments':
os_dep.c:1217: parse error before ')' token

This line reads

         GC_add_roots_inner(DATASTART, (char *)(DATAEND), FALSE);

and after preprocessing it reads

GC_add_roots_inner ( ( ( ptr_t ) get_etext ( ) ) , ( char * ) ( ) , 0 ) 

i.e., DATAEND is not defined.

This line is only included if MACOS is not defined -- which I
assume is correct, since I am running 10.2.4 which gives MACOSX.

Has anyone else run into this?

BTW I am only trying to use the static library in a single-threaded
program, and I have used 6.1 successfully for this purpose.