[Gc] GC on Darwin/OS X

Brian Alliet brian@brian-web.com
Sat, 22 Mar 2003 01:36:33 -0500

I fixed two more bugs in the dyld code today, a race condition in my 
dyld code and a deadlock in os x's dyld code due to suspending a thread 
while the dyld lock was held. I believe I have this fixed. I've been 
repeatedly running about 6 copies of gctest in parallel (that is, 
running gctest in a loop 6 different times) for about 5 hours now while 
occasionally doing other things and have yet to get it to lock up or 
crash. A new version is up at


Once again, I'll have a cleaned up patch (which hopefully will be 
included in the next release of the gc) once I run some things by Hans.