[Gc] Incremental collection/thread local free lists problem

Brian Alliet brian@brian-web.com
Tue, 13 May 2003 13:20:39 -0400

On Tuesday, May 13, 2003, at 01:51  AM, Stewart Greenhill wrote:

> I've tried 6.2alpha3-darwin-test2, and that seems to solve some of the 
> library problems, but it crashes the compiler itself. I get a "type 
> guard failed" error while compiling itself. I interpret this as 
> indicating that an object has been corrupted or reclaimed that is 
> still referenced. If I understand what you're saying, this may be a 
> symptom of the same problem that you have found.

Actually that version of my patch (alpha3-darwin-test2) had a few other 
problems too. Also, there was zero support for incremental collection 
in that one. Once Hans posts gc6.2alpha5 I'll post an updated patch. 
You can give that a try.