[Gc] Basic questions

Emmanuel Stapf [ES] manus@eiffel.com
Tue, 13 May 2003 18:17:36 -0700

> 2) The pointer that should have been recognized, but wasn't, 
> pointed just past the end of the object in question.  As 
> Fergus pointed out, this can't easily be made to work 
> correctly.  The preferred workaround is to allocate the 
> object slightly larger.  This is not a bug in the GC.

I've updated my code to allocate a little bit more.
> The story there is not as clean as I would like.  In general, 
> GC_malloc_ignore_off_page is preferred if:

Thanks for the detailed explanation. I feel that one could make GC_malloc
determine whether or not it should use its default implementation or if it should
be calling GC_malloc_ignore_off_page. The choice could be made based on runtime
configuration, no?